Decorative plants for fall

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One sure sign that fall is now here is that several fruits, vegetables, and flowers are changing colors. When the apples turn red and the pumpkins turn orange it really begins to look like fall. Plants can sense what time of year it is and know when to act because of a process called photosynthesis. Basically, the plants sense the length of the day and that allows them to know when to bloom or when to get ready for the cold weather.

A Chrysanthemum offers a good example of this process. It knows to bloom in early fall when the length of the day and the night is about equal. Another example is the pepper plant. Peppers are hot weather plants, so as late summer comes along they load up with peppers for the fall harvest. The peppers change color as the season progresses. They begin as yellow, then change to orange, then finally to red. The Black Pearl is another interesting plant. It has foliage that is nearly black and it grows a shiny black pepper in the middle. With all of these plants showing how ready they are for fall, it's easy to get excited about the season yourself.

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