It’s June, and if you’re looking to find Daylilies, you can probably find them anywhere in your neighborhood. The botanical name of Daylily is Hemerocallis, meaning day beauty.

Each bloom only lasts one day. Fortunately, each Daylily can have several blooms per plant, and the buds open at different times over a few weeks and June. Growing Daylily is relatively easy. These plants prefer a sunny location but can tolerate some shade. Daylilies like rich organic soil but will also grow in plain jane dirt, and using an occasional fertilizer is appreciated, but they aren’t particular.

Daylilies come in many colors, although many are shades of golden yellow. You can find others in pinks, purples, red, orange, and cream, bi-color, stripes, bands, singles, and doubles. There are thousands of combinations. After flowering, remove the old blooms scape to keep seeds from forming and to make way for new flower buds.

Additionally, consider planting re-blooming varieties for a repeat show. Daylily will multiply, so you may want to divide them. Every so often, you can take these divisions and replant them in your yard or share them with others.

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