Coleus plants can grow in shade or sun

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Coleus has been around for ages. You've probably seen it used in landscaping. Originally, Coleus was a plant that was always grown in the shade. It was the most dependable plant for shady conditions. More recently, a lot has been done to Coleus and there are now varieties grown to thrive in full sunshine as well as full shade.

When you plant Coleus, it's important to realize the plant likes a lot of water. Water them daily when conditions are hot and dry. And don't put them in a place where you won't be able to water them regularly because they'll dry up very quickly. In a well watered pot these plants can grow to be two or three feet tall. They can be grown almost anywhere in the landscape, in the ground, or in pots.

Some people dislike the bloom that grows on a Coleus. Many choose to cut the bloom off because they say it distracts from the rest of the plant. But others find the tiny little bloom beautiful as it rises toward the end of the summer.

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