Clematis may be the perfect vine for your landscape

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Springtime often brings up questions about vines that bloom more than once a season and that can be established as a permanent part of a landscape.  Many vines that are permanent may not bloom more than once, and vines that bloom all summer often have to be replaced each year.  But Clematis could fill both requirements; it blooms more than once, and it’s long lived.

To grow Clematis, make sure you have loose and well-drained soil  The top of the vine should get 5 to 6 hours of sun, but the roots prefer to be shaded.  Consider planting a ground cover or shrub at the base of the vine to keep the roots cool.

There are hundreds of varieties of Clematis, most of which will bloom in spring and fall, or some bloom intermittently throughout summer.  Some bloom on new growth while others need some of last year’s growth for this year’s flowers, so check your variety before pruning each year.

Cold weather shouldn’t bother Clematis, but over-watering and heavy soil need to be avoided, so with the right placement and soil preparation, you could plant Clematis and enjoy it for years to come in your landscape.


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