Chinese Privet is one of Alabama’s most invasive weeds

Garden Tips
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Chinese Privet is one of Alabama’s most invasive weeds, and one that you should not have in your yard.

This evergreen shrub is often grown as a hedge or screen, but can be 20-30 feet tall in the wild.  It has fragrant white flowers in the spring and later produces abundant small berries that birds like.  This contributes to the plant’s quick multiplication from underground root sprouts and seed scattering by birds.  Privet can tolerate a wide range of conditions, growing in shade or sun, wet or dry, and even in poor soil, adding to its rapid, overwhelming growth.

If you have Chinese Privet in your yard, consider cutting it down and pulling it out by the roots.  If you’d rather spray an herbicide, consider using one containing triclopry and follow the instructions on the label.


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