Cat Mint is undemanding and perfect for any gardener to plant

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If you're interested in adding a cool blue color to your landscape, try planting Nepeta, or Cat Mint.  It's low-maintenance and easy to plant, making it perfect for new or experienced gardeners.

Cat Mint is a summer blooming perennial for full sun or part shade.  It prefers well drained soil, but can actually grow in a wide variety of situations and isn't usually too demanding of extra water or fertilizer.

Although it goes dormant for the winter, Cat Mint is very hardy for our zone and will grow back easily next spring.

Most varieties are compact enough to grow in the front border of the garden.  Walker's Low variety can reach two feet tall and two feet wide, but Cat's Pajamas offers a smaller option that barely grows a foot tall.  Whatever variety you choose, Cat Mint can make an easy, cool addition to your garden.


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