Carolina Jessamine can be grown as a shrub or a vine

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Yellow is a happy color, and the Carolina Jessamine is loaded with yellow buds. It's a vine that grows very successfully here in our area. You've probably seen it around town.  Carolina Jessamine can grow to be 30 feet tall or wide. It grows about anywhere there is plenty of sunshine, and it looks a bit like sunshine too. It has yellow blooms and evergreen foliage.

The Carolina Jessamine blooms just once in the spring. A very similar plant, the Swamp Jessamine, will also bloom with yellow flowers in the spring, and it has a repeat bloom in the fall. Both plants are native to the southeast and will keep their green color year round.

It should be noted that this plant is toxic. The sap may cause skin irritation, and it can be poisonous if eaten. The benefit for your garden is that bugs are not typically a problem with this plant, and deer and rabbits will not eat it.

Both of the plants are vines and typically grow spread out on the ground if they're not attached to a cane or something to guide the growth. You can help  them grow upright by tying them to bamboo canes. You can choose to help yours grow as a shrub or as a vine.