Calibrachoa can add a variety of color to your garden with its numerous flowers

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Petunias are a popular plant for the garden, which makes calibrachoa a great choice, too.

It resembles a tiny petunia and has numerous tiny bell shaped flowers.  They make great mounding and trailing plants for plots and baskets, and can also be used as a summer ground cover.  Calibrachoa come in a variety of colors and bicolors, with some varieties offering double blooms.

Calibrachoa need at least five to six hours of sun, water as needed, and occasional fertilizer.  If you’re planting as a ground cover, make sure the soil is loose and well drained.  Lastly, know that it’s a self-cleaning flower, which means it will drop its own spent flowers.

Whether you plant in the ground or a basket, calibrachoa is sure to add some beautiful color to your garden.


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