Butterfly Bush or forms of Butterfly Weeds may look different, but both attract Butterflies

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All plants have a botanical or scientific name, and it is their only true identity, but plants also have different and sometimes more than one common name. A common name for plants can be named after a person, what it looks like or what the plant does. For instance, butterfly weed and butterfly bush are different plants, but they both attract butterflies and have “butterfly” in their name.

Butterfly Bush or Buffleja is a perennial shrub that ranges two to ten feet tall in size and loves sunny locations. Butterfly Bush are prized for their long panicles of fragrant and colored flowers during the spring and summer and even fall. Butterfly Bush flowers have plenty of nectar that will attract butterflies as well as other pollinators.

Butterfly Weed is botanically called an Asclepias Tuberosa, which also loves sunny locations and has flowers with plenty of nectar for pollinators. Butterfly Weed has a cousin, Asclepias Incarnata, more commonly called milkweed. If you want Monarch butterflies, you have to have some of either of these Asclepias. As a caterpillar, Monarch butterflies would use these milkweeds as their only food source.
There are plenty of other plants that can attract butterflies, but to keep it simple, these plants, commonly known as Butterfly Bush or forms of Butterfly Weed, will certainly get you started.

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