Butterfly Bush is an easy-to-grow perennial shrub, perfect for beginners

Garden Tips

If you’re new to planting shrubs and flowers, or if you’ve just started and don’t know yet if you have a green thumb, you can start with one of the easiest perennial shrubs to grow: Butterfly Bush.

Butterfly Bush love sunshine, so you’ll want to plant in a sunny part of your landscape. All day sun is fine, but be sure there’s at least half a day of sun for proper blooming. Locate your plant in well-drained soil, as these plants can’t tolerate being constantly wet. You can use fertilizer occasionally, but Butterfly Bush are not too picky.

These plants will bloom on new growth, so heavy pruning in early spring will allow the plant to become quite busy with an abundance of spring flowers. As the flower begins to fade, it’s best to remove each dying flower, or dead head the flowers, to make room for more blooms throughout the summer.

Butterfly Bush come in different colors, different heights, and even have a bit of fragrance. As the name implies, these plants will draw butterflies, as well as other pollinators like hummingbirds and bees, throughout the summer.

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