Bluebeard can attract summer pollinators

Garden Tips
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By midsummer many plants and flowers tend to stress quite a bit. The Alabama summer weather can be a real bear on most home gardens. Whether it’s from high heat, lack of water or humidity but there is a plant that doesn’t seem to mind. The caryopteris or commonly; bluebeard, blue spirea, or blue mist shrub is a heat lover and normally drought tolerant.

This summer blooming perennial likes part sun to all day sun and can reach two to three feet in height. It blooms on new growth each summer. A hard prune in April will insure a full and bushy plant with bright blue flowers by July and August. The only serious issue that may occur with bluebeard is in poorly drained and wet soil the crowns may rot.

Other than durability in the summer, one of the best reasons to plant bluebeard is to attract summer pollinators. While other plants may be taking the summer off, bluebeard continues to bring in those bees, butterflies and humming birds to your garden. This is evident as when the aromatics of the plant are released just by brushing your hand through the foliage. Why not try bluebeard in your garden?