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Beauty Berry is a shrub that attracts pollinators and wildlife. They are pretty shrubs that show off right before the Fall season. Beauty Berry, also known as Callicarpa, is a fast-growing shrub that offers graceful looks for the sun, part shade locations. Their tiny pinkish lavender flowers begin in the Summer and are visited regularly by bees and butterflies for their nectar.

As Summer comes to a close, berries are formed and will turn into an iridescent violet purple color. In the Fall, Beauty Berries are somewhat yellow, but once the leaves Fall, the berries will persist through until they are eaten by birds and small animals. Now, if you have pets and or children, don’t worry. Beauty Berry is not poisonous.

There are varieties of Beauty Berry native to the U.S., and there are Japanese hybrids as well. They both grow well in our area. Beauty Berry grows fast and averages from five to eight feet tall, but if you need to prune them, it’s fine to do so in the winter; they will still have berries in the Fall. Beauty Berry acts as a natural mosquito repellant as well. All you have to do is take the leaves, crush them, and rub them on your skin.

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