Attract pollinators to your garden with these spring plants

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When thinking about attracting pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, it’s easy to think about summer flowering plants.  But there are some spring plants that can bring pollinators and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Hellebores, or Lenten Rose, blooms as early as February and can continue until Easter.  Calanthus (also called Snowdrops) and Muscari (known as Gray Piothis) are also early bloomers that are loaded with pollen.

Fruit trees such as peach and apple will bloom in the spring and are great for attracting bees.

And one last one that might not be on your radar, is Holly.  Often known for being an average, evergreen shrub, the early spring flowers of Holly make it a must-have for attracting bees.


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