Do you want to attract pollinators to your garden? Cuphea is a pollinator magnet and comes in many different varieties. Cuphea is the botanical name, but these flowers have commonly known as Cigar Plant, Bat Face, Firecracker Plant, or False Heather.

All love warm temperatures and full sun. Each plant will have loads of tubular flowers full of nectar blooming all summer, up until frost. Very little maintenance is required to upkeep these plants. You will only need to water and occasionally fertilize the plant, but they won’t need to be deadheaded to have new growth.

Each flower matches its name. A true Cigar Plant has bright orange flowers, the Bat Face looks like a purple bat or mouse with red ears, and Mexican Heathers bloom in purple or white. Though the flowers may be tiny, they are very pollinator-friendly and will attract many to your garden.

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