It is fascinating to see how hummingbirds live. They dart from one place to another but hover gracefully over the flower of choice. Feeders can be used to attract hummingbirds. However, so can planting fresh flowers in a large planter. A planter of 20-inches or so will allow for several varieties of plants to be used to make a full arrangement.

When choosing your soil, you often get what you pay. If the potting soil is cheap, it may not be as desirable for your plants to grow the best. However, the roots will not necessarily reach the bottom of the planter, and mulch can be used as filler. When planting your plants, you don’t have to use the expensive soil for the whole thing. You will want to start with scattering some slow-release fertilizer, then plant your plants. When looking for plants, you will want to find blooms with long tubular flowers. A red flower is an obvious choice, but hummingbirds will also feed on other bright colors like blue, orange, and yellow.

If your planter is in full sun, flowers such as Salvia Plumbago, Dipladenia, Lantana, and Cuphea are just a few that would be best. However, if you have shade, flowers that will work would be Patients, Begonias, and Fushia, as they will grow in the shade and offer plenty of nectar.

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