Anemone begins to shine at the end of the summer with fall near

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If you’re looking forward to fall as it draws closer, you are not alone. Anemone is a perennial that begins to shine at the end of the summer with fall near.

Anemone, sometimes called wind flower, is a tough and reliable perennial that thrives in sun to part shade.

Its foliage is dark green and shaped like a maple leaf. Though the leaves have been showy since the spring, Anemone’s dainty blooms begin in late summer and continue into the fall. They are slow growing, so it may take up to two seasons in order to become established.

When in flower, the bloom stems are tall, but for most of the summer you may consider this plant a ground cover.

Although Anemone is durable, it needs to be away from the hot afternoon sun, and be careful not to over-water it in the winter.

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