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Summer is ending, and it is the perfect time to introduce the Lycoris, or its other names such as Surprise Lily, Resurrection Lily, Spider Lily, or naked light. This flower comes from a bulb but acts differently than other similar things.

The foliage emerges in the fall or early spring, and the leaves resemble the narrow blades of a Daffodil. Once it is developed and stays for a while, it will die without ever producing a flower. However, do not be concerned during the summer. The dormant bulb is waiting to send up a fall bloom stock that will surprise you by the end of the summer.
The most common color is red, but other Lycoris can be white, yellow, and pink. The pink Lycoris, however, will produce larger flowers.

Now, if you want surprise lilies, you can usually find these bulbs for sale in the fall. You may have a friendly neighbor that would share from their established patch in their yard. If so, after blooming, carefully dig up the bulbs. They will be right under the soil surface and separate if necessary and then replant. After transplanting, it may take a year or two before it surprised you in your landscape.

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