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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Four volunteer fire departments in Madison County are set to receive $100,000 each thanks to federal COVID-19 relief money.

Volunteer fire departments in Madison County run on slim budgets and with the continued growth in the area, the workload keeps getting bigger.

Madison County Commissioner Tom Brandon says he chose to allocate $400,000 in relief money from his district for four fire departments in District 1: Moores Mill, Hazel Green, Meridianville, and New Market.

“My initial thought when he said $100,000, it was very relieving,” Moores Mill Fire and Rescue President Zachary Trulson said. “It makes it to where we can not only continue to operate as we currently are but allows us to expand our capabilities and continue getting better.”

In 2021, Moores Mill fire had an operating budget of $260,000 to cover one administrative position, two station payments, truck payments and more. However, Trulson told News 19 that nearly 90% of that budget is already spent before they start the year.

“Our cascade system that we use to fill our air bottles has actually been down for almost 14 months now and that’s about a $35,000 fix to get that replaced and we can start filling our air bottles here. We can also get new extraction equipment so we can get people out of vehicles that they are trapped in more efficiently. And we can also get more air bottles for the air packs we just bought. So we can stay on scene and fight the fire longer,” Trulson said.

Moores Mill Fire President Zachary Trulson says the money is going to help them meet growing community needs.

“Our area has actually increased from about 6,300 to 7,200 houses and we still have about 3 more subdivisions being built right now,” Trulson said.

Trulson said this extra money will make a big difference for the departments.