(WHNT) – Food insecurity impacts thousands of families in the Tennessee Valley, and chances are you know at least one family affected. That’s why News 19 is partnering with the Food Bank of North Alabama once again for the ‘Fill the Food Bank’ campaign.

According to the food bank, parents and guardians of nearly 60,000 children in North Alabama say their children sometimes skip meals, do not eat for a whole day or go hungry because there is not enough money to buy food for the household.

This year, our ‘Fill the Food Bank’ campaign focus is on monetary donations because every $1 donated to the Food Bank of North Alabama can create seven meals for local families.

The food bank can get fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and more at a significantly lower price. This means your donation stretches a lot more than it would at the local grocery store.

A $6 donation can create 42 meals for local families.

Just think – one day’s worth of lunch money could be used to feed over 42 people in North Alabama.

Of course, non-perishable food items are ALWAYS accepted and encouraged! If you’d like to donate food items, you can drop those off at the Food Bank of North Alabama located at 2000 Vernon Avenue SW in Huntsville. Examples include peanut butter, canned proteins and meat, shelf-stable milk and healthy cereals.

If you’d like to donate monetarily, you can do so by texting “FOODBANK” to 345345 or by visiting the donation website here.