HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — News 19’s focus for the ‘Fill the Food Bank’ campaign this year is monetary donations, and that is because food banks can stretch a dollar far more than you think.

Did you know just a $1 donation creates seven meals for Tennessee Valley children, seniors and families?

News 19 is partnering with the Food Bank of North Alabama to raise money to help feed our community. Currently, the number of those suffering from food insecurity matches the numbers from the heights of the pandemic.

Shirley Schofield, CEO of Food Bank of North Alabama, told News 19, “In our community of 11 counties, there are about 160,000 people who are considered food insecure and that means they don’t have a regular source of enough food to get them through a day nutritionally.”

There are many ways you can help: volunteering and donating food are two of the main ways. But, there is a bigger, more impactful way to help.

One dollar. Four quarters. However you put the money together, that money can go a long way.

“Monetary donations give us a lot more flexibility in being able to fit the particular need that we have at that time,” said Schofield.

Because the Food Bank doesn’t just give out non-perishable items, your donations will allow them to buy fresh produce and food directly from farmers which helps kids get balanced, nutritional meals, and provides safe meals for those with diabetes and other health issues.

Also, the turnaround of monetary donations to food in the community is a quick one.

“As soon as donations come in, we’re able to turn it right around as far as donations go. Pretty much all the food that we receive gets turned over every month,” said Schofield.

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These donations not only help those currently suffering but also help the Food Bank move one step closer to erasing hunger in our community.

You can help feed Tennessee Valley families by texting “FOODBANK” to 345345 or by visiting the donation website here. If you’d like to donate non-perishable food items, you can drop those off at the Food Bank of North Alabama located at 2000 Vernon Avenue SW in Huntsville.