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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment is the largest art facility of its kind in the south. There are some interesting parts of Lowe Mill that maybe you didn’t see the first time you visited.

There’s plenty of ‘Instagram’ worthy photo’s to be taken at Lowe mill Arts and Entertainment, but we’ve all seen those before. It’s the hundreds of artists and businesses based there that help create that magic.

“Everybody’s open to letting people try whatever it is they can dream up,” said Matt Butler, Architect at 2b Studio Design.

Lowe Mill was first a textile mill, then a cotton warehouse, and a shoe factory, until Jim Hudson’s vision turned it into the heart of the art scene in Huntsville.

‘Part of the draw for artists to come and work here is it goes back to the idea the Jim Hudson had when he brought the building,  he wanted to turn this into a place where artists could be artists and in doing that, the rent is low, everything is all-inclusive, and it gives an artist a place to go to work without the worry of how the heck am I going to pay rent,” he said.

‘Amongst other creatives, Matt butler has run his architecture business out of the old building for years now.

But if you look close enough you will find quirks that others miss. Like the wood floors, the eyelets embedded in the floor, and the old elevators.

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