(WHNT) — From the acclaimed, mega-bestselling Eoin Colfer comes a heartwarming, adventurous Christmas classic-in-the-making, ‘Juniper’s Christmas’. Celebrate the holidays with a story of hope, magic, and saving Santa Claus. 

Eleven-year-old Juniper Lane is thrown into a Christmas adventure like no other when she seeks the help of a mysterious woodsman living in her local park, who she suspects is Santa himself, and accidentally gets exposed to North Pole magic.  

To honor her late, Ghana-born, London park keeper father, Juniper hopes to continue the tradition he started: holding an annual Santa Vigil in the park.  

But when her mother, the park’s new keeper, vanishes before the event, a desperate Juniper enlists the aid of reclusive handyman Niko—previously Santa—who spends his days building wooden shelters for the park’s unhoused residents, and whose retirement eight years ago has left a generation of children without faith in Santa Claus.  

He reluctantly agrees to assist after Juniper acquires the same magical powers he has, but when a criminally inclined businesswoman seeks to gain control of the Claus powers, the two find themselves in a race to save Christmas.  

A congenial, omniscient narrator supplies a fresh spin on familiar holiday themes, including forgiveness, healing, and hope. 

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The book features a boisterous cast of characters—including a neighbor who always believed in Santa, a young reindeer in training, and a cutthroat crime boss out to steal Santa’s magic—on an unpredictable journey bursting with Eoin Colfer’s signature exuberance and merriment.  

Complete with cheerful, festive illustrations, this is a beautifully packaged tale of wonder, sure to inspire the Christmas spirit in the whole family. 

Eoin Colfer is the best-selling author of the children’s fantasy series ‘Artemis Fowl’.  

His other notable works include ‘The Dog Who Lost His Bark’, illustrated by P.J. Lynch, and the novels ‘Half Moon Investigations’, ‘Airman’, and ‘The Supernaturalist’.