HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — On Saturday evening, the Enrichment Center held its inaugural Charity Classic Softball Game at Toyota Field.

Members of the community came together to bring awareness of childhood mental health and to raise money for the Enrichment Center.

The event also celebrated its partnerships with Madison City, Madison County, Huntsville City and other school districts, further promoting mental health advocacy for children, and raising money for the nonprofit to continue meeting the growing mental health need in the community!

The Enrichment Center is a nonprofit that provides mental health therapy sessions at no cost to students or their families. Right now they serve 45 schools with 28 therapists available to assist any child who may be facing a difficult time.

The center had a goal of selling 500 tickets for the game. The community came out and the number of tickets sold surpassed the goal with nearly 670 people in attendance.

Every dollar from the ticket sales will go toward making more space for therapists in schools. With the money that was raised, the number of children and families they will be able to help in the community will continue to increase.

Kent Chambers, was a coach of one of the teams Saturday and says the event was a great way to support the Enrichment Center.

“The Enrichment Center does wonders for the school systems, the Madison City, Huntsville City, Madison County, and then the outlining counties,” Coach Chambers said.

To learn more about the Enrichment Center click here.