HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Enjoying a day outside or playing video games is how some children like to spend their weekend, but one group of students here in north Alabama utilized their time out of school to help those in need.

Students from Monrovia Elementary School took a visit to the Downtown Rescue Mission Sunday, taking time out of their weekend to serve the community that they call home.

The group of children are a part of the elementary school’s student council, led by teachers who are pushing them to learn about the significance of giving back.

Not only did they donate hundreds of toys for homeless children to have for the holidays, but the students also spent time serving meals.

“Here at the Downtown Rescue Mission, we’re trying to help the homeless here and make sure they can enjoy their Christmas. It’s really good to help others in need and it’s a good deed,” 5th grader Liam Flippo said.

Students also took a tour of the facility where they learned how the organization cares for the less fortunate.

Children like Flippo’s classmate Xavier Stanton all felt obligated to spend their weekend helping others, something they’ve been learning through leadership lessons in the classroom.

“Sometimes we don’t need stuff that we want, but we need to give them stuff that they need,” Stanton told News 19. “We may be letting go of these old toys, but by doing this we will be helping other kids”.

Educators with Monrovia Elementary like Andracia Henson hope trips like Sunday teach their students the value of placing others before themselves.

“Even though we are a school, we are a part of a larger community. That small gesture can bring another kid such a great joy, many kids go without Christmas,” Henson said.

Educators and students are hoping the toys they donated will bring smiles to the many faces who will receive them.