HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Over 365 days have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

All across the country people have gathered to show support for the Ukrainian people as well as to rally for American aid, including right here in Huntsville.

A full year of invasion, bombings, and death is what the Ukrainian people have endured.

Dozens of supporters gathered in Big Spring Park Sunday afternoon to share stories, gratitude and solidarity with Ukraine.

The program even included the Ukrainian National Anthem and many folksongs echoing in the air of Big Spring Park.

Tuscaloosa native and Iraq war veteran Alex Drueke also spoke at the rally.

He went to Ukraine to aid in the fight, where he was then captured and held captive for several months.

“I feel like I’m part Ukranian now and that’s such an honor for me,” Drueke said, “I guarantee you if we give them the tools they’re gonna win it, but God forbid if they don’t Putin’s not going to be salsified.”

He continued, “We have to stop them here and we have to stop them now.”

Drueke also expressed the best way to help is to contact your local state representatives.