HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Downtown Rescue Mission handed out hundreds of boxes filled with food to those who need a helping hand getting stocked for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Vincent Bridgeforth is one of 800 people who are receiving a box filled with Thanksgiving staples from the organization.

The Downtown Rescue Mission says the number of those seeking help this year for the holiday doubled compared to last year. Cynthia Sanders says the rising cost of food is the reason she’s reaching out to the mission.

“People go to the store you come out with two bags that you used to come out with a case full a cart full of food so yes it’s really bad,” said Cynthia Sanders.

Bridgeforth is a single father who also helps take care of his mom. He says Monday’s giveaway was a godsend.

“It’s kind of tough right now with all the prices going up and the economy. I mean, it’s really tough because my mom is eighty and I’m sixty, and we tryna make ends meet. And I’m tryna raise my son and he’s seventeen and it ain’t nothing but good what they doing,” said Bridgeforth.

However, it’s not just Thanksgiving. The Downtown Rescue Mission says numbers are rising year-round. Downtown Rescue Mission CEO and President Keith Overholt says people looking for help have extended beyond the homeless and now include working people who are struggling too.

“We also want to do things that may help people in the community. That may be one paycheck away from being here, so we want to make sure that they’re able to stay where they’re at with maybe a supply of helping them with a turkey and a food box or clothing or whatever else the mission might be able to help them with,” said Overholt,