HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Ditto Landing is well-known as the gateway to the Tennessee River for people in Huntsville. It has expansive views and plenty of space for outdoor recreation.

However, plans for expansion have been in the works for years.

While it has recently added 40 additional campsites and has expanded nearby greenways, it wants to do more.

Now through April 25th, 2023, there is a survey open. The survey is a partnership between Ditto Landing, the Tennessee RiverLine and the City of Huntsville.

It is part of the second phase of the Community Planning Initiative.

“It’s another option for us to look at things they [community members] do now and also things that they want to do,” said Brandi Quick, the Executive Director of Ditto Landing.

Ditto Landing

The results from the survey will help decide what will go into the next development project.

“The focus of the project is actually our secondary harbor and in that harbor we could have any number of things, whether it’s a restaurant, more kayaking, more boat rental, all of the different things that people like to do outside,” Quick said. “Anything that has to do with the water is available as an option.”

Ditto Landing already has a large marina, as well as trails, and lots of river access for water activities, but the goal is to make sure there’s something for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.

“People enjoy being along the river,” said Quick. “A lot of people just come out here to maybe have a snack, enjoy lunch or just take a break.”

“It seems to just bring a peacefulness to anyone that comes out here,” she said.

The survey is open to anyone in North Alabama who utilizes Ditto Landing.

“It’s not just south Huntsville, not just Huntsville, but throughout the whole Tennessee Valley.”

You can click here to take the survey.