HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Residents on Daniel Drive located off Old Gurley Road say the ditches around their homes are contributing to the flooding they are seeing particularly when it rains.

People from the Madison County neighborhood say the flooding issues have not been addressed for years.

Neighborhood members claim the ditches haven’t been cleaned out which is causing the flooding and they say it’s impacting their living conditions.

Sarah Bone says loads of water have caused damage to the foundation of her home.

“The water was running under my house and causing my walls to crack it made my living room and kitchen crack too,” Bone said.

Bone said she’s been living at her home on Daniel Drive for 54 years and can’t recall the last time the ditches were cleaned out.

“The ditches have not been cleaned out the county ain’t been up here in I don’t know how long,” Bone told News 19.

For her neighbor who did not want to be identified, she says the ditches are causing flooding in her garage especially when it rains.

“The rain comes down and gets into my garage even if my garage doors are down and its caused damage to my cabinets,” the resident said.

Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill says the residents’ problems are not being overlooked.

“Their issues have not been ignored by our office we have responded several times to their concerns and will continue to do so,” Hill said.

However, those that live on Daniel Drive say the ditches have not been cleaned out in years and when that is completed, they say those ditches can hold more water which could result in less flooding concerns.