HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The Great Diaper Drive is BACK and we could not be more thrilled to help the littlest members of our community. News 19’s goal this year is to collect 175,000 diapers for the Food Bank of North Alabama’s Diaper Bank.

Diapers are the organization’s most requested non-food item.

Every baby needs a clean diaper. 

If a baby is left in a dirty diaper, their health is in jeopardy. One of News 19’s partners in the Great Diaper Drive is Rocket City Mom. Lindsey Barron, Chief Operating Officer of Rocket City Mom, is a foster parent.

“I’ve had several kids come in and out of our home in foster care over the years, particularly two that came into the home and had not been diapered appropriately,” Barron said. “children that are in situations that are not diapered appropriately very quickly turn to situations of abuse and neglect and those are not all situations where parents chose that for their children. These parents are out, they’re working hard, and they’re doing everything they can to take care of their child, and they’re making hard choices between diapers, and food, and clothing, and shelter right now.”

Barron says not being diapered appropriately can have short-term health effects and long-term impacts on development.

“When you have a child that wasn’t diapered appropriately as a baby they don’t have the instinct to want to change their diaper or to want to go to the restroom or to wake up at night and want to get out of bed and go when you’re trying to potty train through the night,” she explained.
 The price of diapers has increased significantly over the past few years. 

“We’ve seen the cost of diapers from 2020 go up from an average of about $550 a year for a parent to diaper their child to over $840 dollars per year,” she stated.
According to the National Diaper Bank, one in three families struggles with diaper needs.
There are many ways to help News 19 and our partners help families right here in the Tennessee Valley. 

You can donate diapers at participating Walmarts from October 28 through November 11. 

While donations are accepted throughout that time, News 19 will be hosting a Blitz Day on November 10 at the Walmart on Madison Boulevard from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Come see your favorite News 19 anchors and reporters!! We would love to meet you and take pictures.

You can donate any size of diapers – boxes, plastic packs, cloth, adult, brands, etc. We can also take open boxes of diapers! Kiddos grow fast so if you have extras, those can also be donated.