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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Whether you’re looking to pick your own fruit, pet a friendly goat, have a relaxing picnic, or even learn about beekeeping… there’s a perfect place to do them all in Meridianville.

About 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Rocket City, you’ll find Mullins Orchard, a six-acre farm where the owners’ number one priority is to create family fun and lasting memories.

“I guess we just wanted to be a family atmosphere and so families could come out and pick,” said Billy Mullins, one of the owners.

Mullins Orchard is a family-owned farm that grows blackberries, muscadines, and blueberries. While walking through the acres of greenery and picking your own fruit, you just might meet a few friends along the way!

Debi and Billy Mullins raise pygmy goats and three baby black goats were born on the farm in April.

Debi gave News 19 a tour around the farm, introducing the team to their animals. She even showed off their 23 chickens and three turkeys.

Along with all the live animals are rows and rows of greenery. Fresh fruit grows on vines that are available to be picked by the public. Different fruits are available depending on the season.

“We have a you-pick where they get buckets and pick as many as they’d like… a gallon or two,” said Deebi. “And it’s great because families like to come out and be a part of a you-pick farm.”

Both Debi and Billy Mullins showed their extensive knowledge and passion for Mullins Orchard during the tour.

“Now, in the beginning, in the spring… everything will start like, budding out and we’ll get new foliage and everything,” explained Debi. “You’ll start with the bloom which will later become the blackberry.”

“The pecan trees were planted mostly back in 1991 when I got out of the Air Force,” said Billy. “I was doing beekeeping with my father and the first money that I got, I decided to buy pecan trees with it.”

“There’s seven different varieties of muscadines and my father-in-law Bill Mullins planted them, probably about 10 years ago,” said Debi.

Of course, there’s much more that goes into owning and maintaining a farm. If you show up, the Mullins Family will gladly teach you all about it!

Though this is the last week for blueberry season, Mullins Orchard says their muscadine season begins in just a few months, in September.