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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Hundreds of different kinds of flowers, trees and more, right in the back yard of north Alabama.

The Huntsville Botanical Garden sits on more than 100 acres. Each one featuring the natural beauty of north Alabama, from coneflowers to trillium.

“North Alabama is an incredibly biodiverse region so the Huntsville Botanical Garden is in this really unique position where we’re able to showcase a ton of different species that you might have to go to a lot of different locations to see in any other case,” said Anna Beck, the Botanical Garden’s director of communications and special projects.

Started in the 1980’s, the Garden’s sprawling fields offer options for nature lovers of all ages.

“Its really become a jewel for our community, a place that we can come, connect with nature, learn about plants, engage with plant conservation and learn how we can make a difference in our own environment too,” Beck said.

It’s become a site for weddings, field trips and everything in between.

“Whatever you’re looking to celebrate, to get together and gather, the garden has a place to do that.”

Beck also said the Damson Aquatic Garden is a “must-see” and not just for the pink water lilies or the golden koi fish.

“It is one of our most popular photo-op locations, and it’s easy to see why – it’s just so picturesque. It’s a formal aquatic garden so we have this beautiful symmetrical pavilion and symmetrical pool,” she added.

The Purdy Butterfly House is unique to north Alabama because, during peak butterfly season, which runs through September, you can find more than 1,000 butterflies flying through the air. And more than 25 different species, all native to north Alabama.

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“If you stand still, I have seen plenty of butterflies land on guests just completely uninvited so it is a lot of fun.”

Beck said no matter what part of the Huntsville Botanical Garden you choose to see, each visitor has the chance to bring a little bit of green home with them.

“You can take what you see and what you learn at the Garden out into your community to help increase the green canopy, to help make a healthy environment for all of us.”

Since the Botanical Garden is 110 acres, there are staff members at the welcome center who can help plan your trip and find the perfect itinerary for the day. So you can fit as much as possible into your day.