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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – Labeled as one of the most beautiful and difficult hikes in north Alabama, the Walls of Jericho offers magnificent views, a treacherous hike, and a front-row seat to nature.

The trail is about a 7 mile round trip.

Brandon Hunnicut, Land Stewardship Officer, said this is a hike that people need to prepare for if they plan on doing it.

“The hike down you’ll be like this is no big deal,” said Officer Hunnicut.

The trail covers around 1,000 feet in elevation change, it also goes through the headwaters of the Paint Rock River, Turkey Creek, and Hurricane Creek.

“This is one of the natural wonders of our state, it’s certainly unique in Alabama,” said Hunnicut.

It’s important to bring the necessary equipment on the hike. Officer Hunnicut said crews are often called out to rescue hikers.

“One thing that we like to caution the public, this is not a walk in your city park, this is an arduous hike,” said Hunnicut. “We recommend that people take proper precautions, take plenty of water, wear appropriate footwear, take a compass or GPS is they have one, pack extra snacks, and appropriate gear as necessary.”

The trail crosses different waterways and rock formations.

“Being the headwaters of the Paint Rock, we help watershed some rare and endangered species of muscles and fish and some that are from only two places in the country and perhaps the world,” said Hunnicut.