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TROY, Ala. (WIAT) — Troy University’s Rosa Parks Museum is an active memorial to the life of the civil rights icon, it happens to be one of the many places to visit here in Alabama.

In the heart of downtown Montgomery, you’d be hard-pressed the find the Rosa Parks Museum empty.

“Last year, we had a little over 66,000 visitors for the year. This year has gone down drastically,” Donna Beisel said.

Donna Beisel is the assistant director of the museum, she took us on a tour, she says people from all over the world come to get a glimpse of history.

“They understand that Mrs. Parks is more than just her refusing to give up her seat. She had a very long life of social justice work, and so they get some of that story here.”

Inside you can witness Rosa Parks’ arrest, sit on a 1955 Montgomery public bus, or attend a mass meeting where the bus boycott was planned. Many of the displays depict a tale of two states, the segregationist and those who were segregated.

“The overall movement was about nonviolence and how we need to work together to make the change and they were successful in doing it then, and even though they did bring about change, we still have so far to go in this country.”

In recent months, we’ve seen the calls for social justice play out across the country.

“I think people should come here to understand that, this is not a new issue that’s been going on. It’s been going on for decades.”

In December, the museum will celebrate its 20th birthday.