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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Around 35 miles east of Huntsville is Cathedral Caverns State Park. There you’ll find one of the largest commercial cave openings in the world, which will lead you to Cathedral Caverns.

It’s a unique sight as you walk through the entrance of Cathedral Caverns, 125 feet wide and 25 feet high.

“Here in the caves when we put lights on, we never know what we’re going to see,” said Tom Story, the tour guide.

When you see the structures, the name starts to make more sense.

“There are many features inside that look like they could be in a church; the bell, the columns, the pipe organ,” said Story.

You’ll find things that are typical to caves like bats and humidity, which will make taking a photo inside the cave much harder.

For safety reasons, a tour guide is required to enter the caves. Tours usually run daily from around 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Admission for adults is $19 and is $9 for children.

The paths inside the caves are smooth and wheelchair accessible.

Tours are back up and running but there is a limit on group sizes, social distancing is enforced and masks are recommended.

For more on Cathedral Caverns visit their website.