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GROVE OAK, Ala. – Buck’s Pocket State Park is located in 3 counties; Marshall, DeKalb and Jackson.

“Well the seclusion of it makes it special, people can come here and it’s a very peaceful place to be,” said Heather McCann from Alabama State Parks.

Buck’s Pocket State Park can be explored by foot or vehicle.

On June 16th, the campground and a new Off Road Vehicle Trail opened to the public.

The new off-road trail is 6 miles long, it’s rocky, muddy, and the perfect spot for thrill-seekers.

“The creek bed is what is awesome to me, personally, it’s very family-friendly too, there’s not too much danger out there but you still get a little bit of action”, said McCann.

On the trail, you will see huge rock formations, wooded areas, and places to swim and look at the water.

One of the best views in the park is the overlook at Point rock. There, you can get a breath of fresh air, and see the more 2 thousand acres of state park. On this lookout you can also see where the 3 counties intersect.

“It’s 10 miles of gorge, so it’s really beautiful and there’s a lot of wildlife out there a lot of wild trees and waterfalls in between,” said McCann.

While standing on the overlook, if you down about 800 feet and you’ll see the campground, which recently re-opened after being closed for five years.

“The river, south Sauty Creek runs behind the campground, it’s seasonal, so it’s not always rushing but when it does, it’s beautiful,”

The campground features 23 campsites and 11 primitive campsites.

There is a smaller rock formation that still stands at the entry of the campground.

“This was, it was a saw mill and logging road, but the mules couldn’t take the logs up the hill because they were too heavy so they built this to put the wood over it and they would put a fire under it and they would dry the wood so that the mules would to be able to carry the wood up the hill, ” said McCann.

Whether the water is flowing, the creek is dry, or the terrain is lush, Buck’s Pocket offers different experiences all year long.

History has proven that when the water is high, driving over the bridges in bucks pocket are dangerous. Officials are aware of that and are working to make it safe, it just makes it complicated to get things done when the park is in 3 different counties.