DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Decatur City Schools (DCS) came together Friday to honor a student who died in 2021.

The school system gathered at Chestnut Grove Elementary to dedicate a library in memory of Mychal “MJ” Moultry Jr.

Moultry was shot and killed while visiting family in Chicago in 2021.

Moultry’s mother, Angela Gregg said the library is something the family wanted to do for his fellow students as they continue to remember him.

Gregg said that she has been working to help other families that have experienced a similar loss.

“We have started an organization, its called the Martyr for Justice Project,” She said. “In short it stands for the MJ project and what we do is that we help other families that have gone through the same thing because it’s unnatural. When someone loses their child, there’s no rulebook for what to do so we have kinda stepped into that place.”

The dedication also included a bench in Moultry’s memory.