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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — County commissioners blame outdated and faulty video sensors on many traffic lights at intersections with Jeff Road for causing delays during morning and evening commutes in one of Madison County’s fastest-growing areas.

Commissioner Phil Vandiver told News 19 that the issue causes signals not to change when cars show up and that the county has frequently recruited the help of Sheriff deputies to help direct traffic.

The solution he said, is the old yet consistent technology of “Loops“, or sensors placed under the pavement.

“I’ve seen them install it. But it’s a whole lot better than the camera systems that we have now,” Vandiver said. “Camera systems work very well when they’re new, but once those cameras start to fade a little bit and not take as clear a picture, the loop system goes back to being worked. So we’re looking at doing a lot of this. We’ve already done it at three or four intersections. We’ll continue to do this as we improve.”

The new sensors will be installed at Jeff Road intersections with Blake Bottom Road Mt. Zion road, Douglass Road, and Capshaw & Monrovia Roads. The county unanimously approved the $47,000 bill on October 12.