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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Imagine going to school hungry because you didn’t have any food at home or not having a coat to help you stay warm waiting at the bus stop. For many Huntsville students, that’s a reality , but one woman is trying to change that.

The purpose of the community closet is simple: helping students and families who may need a little bit of help.

If a student needs a new pair of shoes, they’re in here. If they need any hygiene products, the closet has those too. The hope is that no students or families are going to need this kind of help, but the reality is that some of them might, so the closet is stocked and ready for anyone who needs it.

“It immediately meets the needs of the kids right away,” said Audrey Crutcher, vice principal at Riverton Intermediate School.

From school supplies to snacks and warm clothes for the winter weather coming in, this closet has it all.

“It changes their whole spirit for the rest of the day, you know. They go on and I give them their high fives and thumbs up and like you look good, and that’s what all of this is here for,” Crutcher said.

The closet gives supplies to students at six schools in Huntsville; all the students have to do is ask a counselor or teacher for help and their need will be met, no questions asked.

“You know, we don’t think it’s in our neighborhood. We never think it’s in our neighborhood that kids are in need or that families are in need. You walk around your neighborhood and see that everybody has things,” said Shelly Aultman, founder of the community closet. “So to know that the classmate of my son might need food or shoes or a pencil, I just couldn’t let that happen.”

Aultman wants all students to succeed in life and in the classroom and she says this closet is helping to make that happen.

If you’d like to donate to the community closet, items can be dropped off at Riverton Intermediate School.