NEW HOPE, Ala. (WHNT) – Seniors living in rural communities often do not have access to the healthcare resources widely available in the city, but a local nonprofit partnered with other community organizations to change that.

“Help break down those barriers by providing resources that a lot of time are available in Huntsville, but our neighbors and especially our seniors, aren’t able to get into Huntsville because of transportation barriers,” CARE Center Executive Director Andrea Bridges said.

The CARE Center partnered with seniors’ organizations to host a health fair in New Hope on Wednesday. Bridges said seniors living in rural communities often do not have access to healthcare resources available in more populated areas.

“Many of them don’t even know what’s available, so this might be new information for so many of our neighbors,” Bridges said.

The participating organizations are working to bring the information regarding, Medicare, hospice programs, and more, directly to those living in New Hope and the surrounding communities.

“So we want to make sure our seniors have the education that they need to best help them choose the benefit that serves them the best,” said event organizer Lila King.

Bridges said the goal of the event is to help this group take advantage of available resources.

“That generation, especially the elderly seniors, they’re tough,” Bridges said. “They’re hard, and they know how to live. They will just sit in their homes, and that’s just not a way to live your life, your final days. We want to be able to provide resources to them, so they can live abundantly, during their last years, their senior years, some of the best years, and not be alone.”

For more information about available resources in New Hope and surrounding communities, contact the CARE Center at 256-723-2273.