DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) — Community Action Partnership of North Alabama (CANPA) hosted its inaugural safety fair today to help make sure everyone is educated on how to prevent or fight fires inside their home.

Fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and much more were up for grabs for people to take home in order to better equip their homes to fight fires.

300 fire extinguishers were provided for people to take home at this event.

“We’re just letting people know that they can keep it by their stove top, by their side so in case of an emergency,” CAPNA family service coach Jennifer Morgan said. “A lot of times people don’t know what to do in case of a fire often times people throw water at it and they don’t realize that you can use one of these.”

According to the national fire protection association, one person dies every three hours due to a house fire.

Decatur Fire Lieutenant Brandon Sivley said many homes aren’t prepared if a fire breaks out.

Additionally, fires are not always electrical but can be caused by grease as well.

“So cooking fires right now so just last week we had a residential fire because the homeowner fell asleep while she was cooking and so she had pretty significant damage to the home,” Lieutenant Sivley said. “We encourage people when they’re cooking make sure you stay in the kitchen make sure you’re refreshed and not working on limited sleep that type of thing.”