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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — While many small business are struggling to make a profit, a local screen printing company is helping them make ends meet.

Print Two Impress started the #HereforGoodAL campaign to raise money in order to help small businesses pay their bills. A $20 shirt supports 2 small business in Alabama.

On Facebook, Print Two Impress said “small business is not only important to our economy, but the owners are your next door neighbors, friends and family. You can be apart of keeping the business Here for Good.”

As of April 8, Print Two Impress has raised over $8,000 for local businesses.

This is how it works:

  1. You pick a shirt
  2. You pick a business
  3. You get a soft shirt
  4. They pay their bills

One small business getting help through the campaign says the funds are really need right now.

“He’s got about 20 businesses on the list to choose from, including Bloom dancewear and our other businesses which are the Matrix Gym and Crossfit Huntsville, and also United Soccer Club,” said Meredith Miller, the owner of Bloom. “There’s some small non-profits on there who are really in need of funds right now with everything being closed.”

To nominate a small business or to purchase a shirt, go to the Print Two Impress website: