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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. – During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have looked out for their neighbors. That includes Pizza Ed’s, a small family-owned restaurant in Hartselle. 

The pizzeria opened about a year and a half ago. Even with their own worries, they’ve been doing what they can to give back – with the help of some caring customers. 

“It started, I think, the first day of the pandemic, after it hit,” said owner Eddie Gwin.”We had a gentleman walk in the door and he said, ‘I need to speak to the owner.’ And he said, ‘I wanna write you a check.'”

Gwin then decided to pay it forward.

“We had the bright idea of contacting the hospitals in Decatur because we wanted to help the frontline workers,” Gwin said.

“It’s been a sad and hard time for a lot of people,” said Amy Gillot, Decatur Morgan West Hospital Service Line Director. “Staff has worked long hours and they’ve been low-censused and furloughed. Since COVID-19, to have the generosity of the community, restaurants and vendors to bring in food and snacks has been very uplifting for the staff.”

Soon after, resident Jerry Burnham reached out to Gwin for help to feed people at a Falkville nursing home. Gwin offered him a discount and said he would match every pizza he purchased.

To expand their reach, Burnham began asking for donations over Facebook. He said thanks to Gwin and the community’s help, close to 500 people have been fed.