Parade held for Rainbow Elementary students to say goodbye to teachers

Bright Spot

MADISON, Ala. – Kids from Rainbow Elementary got to smile and wave at some of their favorite teachers, to say goodbye before summer officially begins.

Parents could drive through the parking lot at the Madison Church of Christ so students could wave and say hi to their teachers. The parade lasted for about a hour.

Rainbow Elementary School principal Brian Givens sais the parade was an opportunity to help honor their teachers.

“Just to see our kids, and in the elementary world in the span of just a few months see how much they’ve grown, and some of them look like they’ve grown two inches just over the break,” said Givens. “So just getting to hear their voices and see their faces, see the generous signs they’ve made, that has been very good for all of our spirits.”

Givens says it was especially nice to say goodbye to their fifth graders who will be moving on to middle school next year.

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