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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville community has come together during this difficult time and so many people have been stepping up to make a difference.

We found one local chef who is standing out, not just for her food, but because of her heart.

“I learned from a little girl how to scale a fish, and we got crawfish,” says Grice.

Lisa Grice knows how to cook good cajun food because she’s been doing it her whole life.

She was an educator for many years but God called her to take a different path – to the kitchen.

“From the school system to in the public, out of those 4 walls of the school so I could serve even more. He told me that he was enlarging my area of influence and enlarging my opportunity for me to be a blessing to people,” says Grice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed why she took this new path, and it’s not just because she is a talented chef.

Grice explains, “This opportunity with this, our new normal for now, it just put us in a position where people are more receptive to receive, just the love, and he set me up for this.”

She believes God set her up to reach out to people like Carrie James and her husband.

You may have seen Carrie’s post in the Facebook group HSV Food to Go Options (COVID-19)

The couple was exposed to COVID-19 and they’ve been self-quarantining.

They wanted Chef Lisa’s food but didn’t want to risk possibly infecting their neighbors.

So Chef Lisa took the opportunity to bless them with a free meal, delivered right to their door.

“My husband was in the garage and she didn’t get close to him which I am very thankful and she wouldn’t let him give her even a tip,” says James.

What she left behind was much more than just dinner, says James.

“She just spoke words of comfort and grace to him and kindness, and that was better than the food,” she said. “The food was amazing, but just that love that she showed to us.”

It’s something Chef Lisa tries to share with all people.

“Everyone who comes up to this truck, we want them to leave changed, we want them to feel, we want them to taste, we want them to know that the love of God is truly real,” says Grice.

In a time when many people feel alone, people like Chef Lisa are there to show we are all in this together.

Right now Lisa Grice is serving food in different Huntsville area neighborhoods. You can follow her company Forever Grateful LLC. on Facebook to get your hands on some of her New Orleans style cooking.