HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) — Local Artist Bert Corbin recently unveiled his new 6-panel mural for Habitat For Humanity of the River Valley’s downtown location.

The partnership with Habitat is just one of the many ways Corbin has touched the community throughout his career, he recently took the time to sit down with News 19 about the messages he imbues his art with.

Corbin said the mural is meant to bring more attention to the work that Habitat does for communities, but also that it brightens their spirits

“It’s not as bad as the forecast looks, sometimes the sun peeps through and we have a really good day,” he said.

This positive outlook shines through Corbin’s work and the Mural in Downtown Huntsville is a good example of it. The mural depicts the River Valley’s establishment and the city’s future through vibrant colors.

“The messages I have to convey are usually about unity in our community,” Corbin said, “and it’s all about finding our own culture.”

With Huntsville’s growing population and racial diversity, Corbin sees an opportunity for the members of the community to grow together.

“Its an enhancement to everyone because we can learn from each other and expand our experiences,” he said. “Everyone would want their voice to be heard.”

Corbin is originally from Trinidad and has been interested in art from a very young age.

“I was a little kid trying to draw as well as another little kid who I was never ever able to compare with,” he recalls.

Now that he’s a professional, Corbin says the colors he used in his work reflect where he came from and his own history.

“That has to be a big influence on my life and in what I produce,” he said. “Whatever I do conveys Black History. I’m Black and I am living my history right now.”

Corbin said he was inspired by artist and athlete Ernie Barnes and many other artists. He said he also just tries to focus on love and the ways it can come out.

“What inspires that love varies in different people,” he said, “and if I can inspire that in someone else, then I’ve done more than I expected to do with my life.”