Big box stores balance holiday rush and severe weather threat

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - With so many people doing last minute shopping, store managers are trying to keep their employees and shoppers safe.

It's no secret, the weather hasn't exactly been beautiful Wednesday. Shoppers, not to mention retailers try not to let that stop the last minute shopping, but still prepare for the worst.

"We're open for business, and fully staffed we wont see any need for closing the store or anything like that," said Ed Johnson, executive team lead at the Super Target on University Drive.

Right before christmas, every business expects a rush, especially big box stores. But like everyone else, their management team keeps eyes on the skies.

Johnson says the University Drive location is rarely threatened.

"Usually it'll go just north of us in the Hazel Green area or just south of us by the river," said Johnson.

But everyone knows, just because it hasn't happened before doesn't make it impossible.

"We watch the weather forecast and if there's potential weather threat we alert our team members, let them know what's going on outside," he said.

With more feet on the store's floors during the holiday rush, the plan extends:

"We announce over the intercom to alert our guests what's going on," said Johnson. "Then we'll let our team members basically start on one side of the store and sweep the store and we'll gather to the safest area."

Once it passes, its back to the holiday swarm.

"The most important thing is to be safe. Target is really good about always having plans in place for every situation."

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