ATHENS, Ala (WHNT) — Calling all friends, family and football enthusiasts, Athens has something special for you.

Whether you are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, or–and let’s be honest–you’re excited for Rihanna’s halftime performance, Village Pizza and Limestone Legends Billiards are hosting Super Bowl watch parties.

With less than 24 hours until kick-off, they are gearing up for a busy, busy Sunday.

“We’re expecting it to be a pretty packed house with people coming out to support their boys from Limestone County,” said Village Pizza server Meg Jackson.

Both Quez Watkins and Reed Blakenship went to high schools in Limestone County and now sport green and black for Philadelphia.

Many plan to attend these watch parties to support their local stars.

Sheldon Holmes, who went to high school with Watkins, is rooting for him,

“It’s crazy to see his football journey from being a golden eagle in high school, a golden eagle at southern miss, and an eagle now for the Philadelphia Eagles, so we’re supporting you we’re happy for you and bring home that ring,” Holmes said.

While it’s all exciting and exhilarating, business owners are still prioritizing safety.

Plenty of people will kick back with a drink in hand taking in all the action, and Limestone Legends Billiards owner Jarred Miller tells News 19 that he and his staff will be keeping a watchful eye on their patrons.

“We stay very very on top of our serve safe stuff and try not to over-serve anybody which we haven’t had that problem at all we have a really great staff here,” Miller said “We’re very well-trained bartenders that have done it most of their adult life so they’re very careful and cautious about their serving and stuff so we don’t expect to have much an issue with that.”

If you are looking for a spot to set up shop for the game–or again, you’re eager for Rihanna’s show–Village Pizza opens their doors at 2 pm Sunday and Limestone Legends Billiards watch party will kick off at 3 pm.