HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Arts Huntsville announced a new art collection at the Von Braun Center (VBC) on Thursday.

The art organization said that beginning Thursday “Insight HSV: Local Artists in Public View” will be on display in its gallery at the VBC until the end of January.

The exhibit features work from local artists that have been highly involved in the Huntsville Public Arts Program (HPAP) and is meant to raise public awareness of the program.

“This exhibit celebrates local artists who are bringing their work out of the studio and into the community as we continue to grow the Public Art Program,” Arts Huntsville Executive Director Allison Dillon-Jauken said.

The gallery exhibits the work of artists currently under consideration for new works of public art. This includes artists that have advanced in recent open public artists calls for sites such as the new city hall, local parks, and an artist-initiated public art program funded by the City of Huntsville and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The exhibit features works chosen by each artist out of their own body of work. exhibit artists include Julie Crews, Jim Felder, Susie Garrett, Jahni Moore, Lakshmi Nallamala, Jessica Nunno, David Nuttall, Yuri Ozaki, Guadalupe Lanning Robinson, Ann Moeller Steverson, Gwyer Sinclair, Anna Troupe, Cynthia Wagner, and Emily Wilson.

Public Art Program Manager Jennifer Johnson said a majority of the artists curated in the exhibit are semifinalists for the city’s request for a quote for phase two of the city hall project.

“Some have applied to multiple public art opportunities, even if they’ve never exhibited in a public art context before,” she said. “This exhibit is quite special as it gives the public a chance to familiarize themselves with these talented local artists, some of whom we’ll increasingly see involved with local public art as we continue to implement the Public Art Master Plan.”