ARAB, AL. (WHNT)- Sgt. James Carson was born and raised in Arab Alabama and enlisted in the U.S Army at the young age of 19.

He comes from a long line of men who served this country. The radio operator says he remembers his days with the army like they were yesterday.

“I came out of World War ll on the 16th of April, the 4th day of May of 1946 I joined the American Legion here in Arab and I’ve been in the American Legion ever since.”

Sgt. Carson served under General George Patton during World War ll, and he remembers December 26 and the Battle of the Bulge.

“George Patton got the job done. There was a job to do there and he got the job done, and I was serving under him when he was killed. I was in Heidelberg Germany, I was a radio operator and we had communications. General Patton was in Manheim and he had this auto accident, and the day of his funeral I was on the radio,” said Sgt. Carson.

In 11 days Sgt. Carson will turn 100 and it’s been over 70 years since he was last on active duty. Now he says he’s just glad for his health.

“I feel thrilled to be here. I’m thankful that I have been blessed to have good health all my life to this time period and it’s just wonderful to be here.”