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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —    It’s a hot topic that’s sparked a lot of controversy recently. The Boy Scouts of America says it may change its ban on openly gay members. Now, a vote on the issue has been postponed for three months.
“Just the fact that they’re having this discussion is fantastic,” says James Robinson, the Executive Director of the GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services in Huntsville.

Robinson says he is thrilled that the Boys Scouts of America are considering ditching the ban.

“It’s an amazing organization, and it’s just really exciting to think that they’re also becoming more progressive,” said Robinson.

Robinson says it doesn’t bother him that the organization postponed the vote. He believes that the dialogue alone will give hope to a lot of people that the group may take a more progressive stance on the issues.

Robinson notes that even if the group votes to lift the national ban, we may not see changes right away.

“It may not mean that they come out immediately or say anything about it,” said Robinson. “But it’s an affirmation of their value as people, as human beings, and it reminds them that they’re just as valuable and just as significant as the scout sitting next to them that may be heterosexual.”

The Boy Scouts of America’s executive board released a statement saying they need more time and input on the issue. The decision will be made at their annual meeting in May.